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"It has been over 7 years since I have found makeup that I truly loved. I finally love my makeup!"
Kimberly Scott, Director of Education D J's School of Beauty

Stephanie "Hey! You did my makeup at the photo shoot with faye the other day. I want to buy some of the lip gloss and lip liner you used on me asap. The color was called "Tempted". If I order on your website could I have it overnight delivered and have it by Friday? I actually wanted to purchase everything you used for me that day. Never have I had a makeup last so long and still look fresh. Did you use a primer? Usually my skin is oily. It was not at all that day, even late into the night. That is a huge deal for me. I use oil blotting sheets, and I pulled one out around midnight. Guess what, no oil whatsoever! Could we arange a day for you to do my makeup again so we can see what shades, brushes etc I need? And please let me know about the "Tempted" gloss and liner as soon as you get a chance. Your makeup line rocks!!! Attached is a photo from the shoot that day..."

"I love the feel of your lip gloss - cooling, smooth, not tacky and last longer than others I have tried."

".....if I get a little red spot or a breakout, I just dab a little (extra) foundation on it - it covers AND seems to help with the breakout. I never want to be without my J. Edward."
Terrie C.

"I love my J. Edward. I was first introduced to your line at the doctors office and feel in love with it. No other cosmetic has anything on your product. It's the best stuff I have ever used."

"I will never use liquid foundation again. It was heavy feeling, looked un-natural and thick. J. Edward feels like I have nothing on and gives great coverage. I love your Set and Finish Powder too! It makes the foundation look even better."

"Dear J. Edward, I have been using your beautiful makeup for a while and have always gotten compliments on my skin. Recently I went for a facial and the esthetician asked what products I use because my "skin looks great. no clogging, just nice and clear". I also must tell you my husband uses my - your - skincare. I started him on the Firming Eye Gel and he was hooked."

"J.EDWARD gloss is the best darn Lip Gloss I have ever used. The lip gloss was the first lip product I purchased. In the past I have made a purchase based on color and after using them a couple of times just tossed them in the drawer. I used the entire tube of J.EDWARD - I'm telling you, I love your lip gloss. Now I use your skincare, foundation blush and eye shadow - all of it and I get more compliments than ever."

"Dear J,
My daughters and I have tried it all. We love makeup - we love your makeup. I threw everything out but my J. Edward. It's quick, easy to use, beautiful and last all day. I get compliments on my "skin" all the time. I tell them "Thank You, it's the makeup, trust me". My girls "barrow" my J.Edward all the time. If I get something new from you they want it too. Thank You for products that are beautiful and work."

"I have tried other mineral makeup and J Edward is truly different. The feel, the coverage, I just love it. It's amazing."

"I have to tell you how much I love your lipstick. It stays on, looks fresh and never feels dry. Rubies is my favorite. I work in cosmetics for a very high-end nation wide store and when I wear your lipstick co-workers and customers compliment my lips. I have fragrance customers tell me about your products and how much they love them. Love your line, it's great."
"Makeup Girl"

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