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Makeup Used for Distinguished Young Woman of America 2014
Brooke Rucker is the 2014 Distinguished Young Woman of America award winner. Beauty Queen Eyeshadow Trio (the light shade used to highlight, the two darker shades to contour the crease area, darkest shade in the outer corner and wet as eyeliner over Onyx eyeliner pencil). Just Peachie blush on cheeks. Faux Ho lip gloss over Delice lip liner. Black mascara.

Makeup Used for Distinguished Young Woman of America 2013
Nicole Renard is wearing Honey Light Radiant Perfection Pressed Mineral Foundation. Just Peachie Mineral Blush with a hint of Hush Hush Blush. Indian Red Lip Liner with Rubies Lipstick highlighted with Faux Ho Lip Gloss. Her eyes were accented with NEW Beauty Queen Pressed Eye Shadow Trio.

Get a Flawless Facial - Bride Makeup Tips
One of the mistakes I see is when brides go get a facial a few days before their wedding. Unless you've been on some sort of facial routine, I wouldn't suggest that because you don't know if you will have some kind of reaction to it. I would not recommend getting a facial two weeks prior to your wedding, unless you've been doing it already and you know how your skin will react.

Stand Out Day or Night - Wedding Tips
If you have an early wedding, say around noon, you will want to keep the volume of your makeup a little softer. And then as you start going into the evening, that's when you start turning up the volume with a little brighter lipstick or a little more color. Blush is alwys a good thing, no matter time of day. Wear a little more blush than you normally would to show up in pictures and especially if it is an evening wedding.

Suit Your Setting - Wedding Tips
Make sure your makeup is specific to your venue - for example, you would wear a light, flowy dress probably for a wedding on the beach, so make sure your makeup isn't as bright or heavy-looking either. Although, you will want a little more makeup than you're normally used to wearing, so that it will show up in pictures. But still keep it very light and airy.

Get a Faux Glow - Wedding Tips
Try a little dusting of something that will give you radiance - not just for the face but for the body, as well. Apply a product with a little sheen to the shoulders and arms, espeically if the dress is strapless.

Add a Little Oomph - Wedding Tips
False eyelashes are huge - if you're not used to wearing them, practice a couple times before your wedding day. With the false eyelashes, you can use an eye shadow that has a little sheen to it. You don't necessarily want glitter because it can start to look not as polished, but there's a difference between sheen and glitter, like satin versus velvet.

Experiment Beforehand - Wedding Tips
You definitely want to schedule a trial run with your makeup artist and hair stylist, just to make sure that you are all on the same page - that way there are no surprises on your wedding day. It may be a good idea to get your trail done wihen you're doing your portraits. Just make sure that you allow enough time between applying your makeup and your portrait session, so that if there is something that you want to change or discuss with your makeup artist, there is enough time.

Be Photo Ready - Wedding Tips
Warm tones seem to photograph really well. The biggest thing is to keep it polished and look really natural. Your grandchicldren and great grandchildren will see your wedding photos, so just remember to keep it classic - unless your dress is a little whimsical. That's when you can break out of the mold a little bit because it's not a traditional dress so you don't have to go with traditional makeup.

Enhance Features
Makeup is a light/dark concept. To enhance or bring forward certain features keep it light, i.e., a highlighter on the brow bone. Also, if you have thin lips, avoid dark lip colours, which have a minimizing effect. Do not use foundation to change the colour / color of your skin. Your foundation should match your skin. Get your colour / color from your lips, eyes, and cheeks. Foundation is meant to even out your skin/skin tone.

Eye Opening Experience
For a quick pick me up of eye opening experience, line the inner most lower lid with white eyeliner and add a touch more to the upper inside corner lid. Eye look for daytime: First brush a translucent, slightly shimmering shade like Girlie Girl or Venus over the entire lid (from lash to brow bone). Next apply Dune, Skyline, or Plum Crazy to the other portion of the crease. Now line the upper lashline at the roots with a coordinating eyeliner pencil, Onyx or Brown. Smudge the deeper eyeshadow gently along the upper lash line. Blend the two eyeshadows so you have no obvious lines, apply mascara.

Want Thicker Lashes
Want thicker lashes? This tip will give you the appearance of a thicker lash base. Use J.EDWARD eyeliner pencil in Onyx at the root of your lashbase/lashline. Keep colour / color as close to the lash as possible filling in between the lashes. Follow with mascara.

Cosmetic Brushes
J.EDWARD offers an exclusive range of cosmetic brushes in many user friendly shapes and sizes - every one of them made by hand to attain the perfect brush. These brushes are constructed using only the finest quality raw materials to achieve optimum performance and durability.

Makeup Used for Distinguished Young Woman of America 2012
Radiant Perfection Pressed Mineral Foundation in Golden Medium and Amber Cream concealer. On her cheeks is Azalea Loose Mineral Blush and Baby Doll Loose Mineral Blush. What we think is the best red lipstick, HO HO Red, with Indian Red Lip liner. For her beautiful eyes we used Venus (the perfect neutral highlighter) all over the eye - from lash to brow - followed by Dune loose Mineral Eye shadow in the outer corner and Terracotta loose mineral Eye shadow worked in the crease and blended together.

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